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The lionfish

A threat to our reefs


The lionfish is an invasive species in the Indo-Pacific region, introduced from Florida through a storm accident in the early 90s. The fish proliferated rapidly in the Caribbean and is a real threat to coastal marine ecosystems of the French Antilles.

Le Discover Scuba Diving

You have always wanted to try diving? And if you dare with the Padi Discover Scuba Diving program.  Come and share this unique experience with us. Your instructor will show you this exciting adventure.  During your course your instructor will teach you the basic rules of diving, and will show you the equipment of the diver. This program is not a certification, however it will be credited at the end of your 2nd dive on your future training Scuba Diver or Open Water within a period of 1 year.



The Sharks Guadeloupe Network is a platform to centralize all the observations listed in the Guadeloupean archipelago. You can play a vital role in the conservation of these animals.

The National Park of Guadeloupe is a protected marine area located mainly on the commune of boiling and partly that of Pointe-Noire, on the side-under-the-wind of the island of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe. About 400 hectares around the Pigeon islets facing the beach Malendure, the area allows to protect the seabed and restrict fishing. We go there several times a week during the high season for half a day. We're going also to the turtles safaris. On booking


On booking


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To be well ensured

Your medical insurance.


For divers who are members of the FFESSM, you should know that the FFESSM license automatically includes civil liability insurance. As ANMP center, you are automatically covered in civil liability when you practice under the supervision of a DP. 

The center has also subscribed to a DAN insurance, Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a medical and research organization (non-profit) dedicated to the safety and health of recreational divers. It is associated with the Medical Center at Duke University (DUMC). DAN is the world's biggest diving medical assistance organization. 

Assurance plongée Dan
Le Reguar
Project Aware
Project AWARE


Project AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility, and Education) is a foundation created in 1989 by PADI. As a result of the growing realization of the degradation of coral reefs some divers have responded and have decided to work for the protection of the underwater. Degradation is caused largely by the activities of diving not mastered. The role of this Foundation is divers awareness of the importance of the management of their diving on the ecosystem. Do as we do, join Project AWARE!


Experiments have been conducted in different seas around the globe and have shown that some components to filter UV (ultraviolet) contained in many sunscreens can stimulate the development of infections that destroy the famous zooxantella, a microalga that lives in symbiosis with the coral and that is necessary for its development. So the coral bleaches and dies.

Fortunately, there are sun creams with mineral filters of zinc or titanium that are safe, the minerals do not penetrate the skin and do not cause allergy. They are designed to limit impacts on marine ecosystems.

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Find us in the last issue of the magazine Destination Guadeloupe which has a feature to diving in Guadeloupe.

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