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 We are SEA SCUBAPRO center


We are Scubapro partners, we make sure to regularly renew all the equipment so that you dive in complete safety.

Shortys, masks, snorkels, stabs and regulators are provided  if you are not equipped. 

You don't have to carry the bottles, they are waiting for you on the boat.

Centre de plongée SEA Scubapro Tropicalsub Diving
bouteille de plongée S80

Tout  the cylinder fleet has been renewed, for your comfort, you will dive in an 11.1l aluminum cylinder.



Détendeurs Scubapro MK25

Scubapro MK21 /C370 regulators are known for their practicality  and their performance.  It is the ideal regulator for training centers and for new divers. Our range has just been renewed in 2019.

Gilet stabilisateur Level Scubapro
The stabs

The Scubapro X one BCD is specially designed for dive centers, it is a simple vest with many features. The Scubapro X one BCD has weight pockets, it is ideal for starting diving activity.

shorty de plongée Scubapro
combinaisons de plongée Scubapro longues

We dive with Oneflex 2.5mm shorties. The water temperature varies from 26° in winter to 30° in summer. For the more cautious, we also have Everflex 5mn overjackets and some long suits.


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