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Dive shop &  team

Eric Chevallier moniteur de plongée OWSI DEJEPS MF2 chez Tropicalsub Diving Guadeloupe
Padi elite instructor 2019
Maggy pour votre accueil au centre de plongée

At the reception, you will first meet Maguy, who is there to answer all your questions and organize your wishes.


Under water Eric (DEJEPS/MF2 instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer and PADI side-mount instructor) will be your guide, teacher, instructor, or trainer. It´sa pleasure for him to teach you diving and help you discover the underwater like you've never seen it before. 


With Tropicalsub Diving, quiet dive, we are here to make you happy.


All our instructors hold a state certificate 1st or 2nd degree and all show the same passion for diving and for the conservation of the environment and especially the seabed. The team will ensure that our charter of good conduct is respected underwater.


At “Tropicalsub Diving”, easy diving is understood seriously, we dive in this manner to increase your diving pleasure, your diving time and your discovery of the ocean life.


Our new boat , from the shipyard Francqueville was designed for our divers. Spacious, it has a compete roof and a head shower on-board. 


What are you waiting for: let's go diving together!


Le magasin de plongée petit équipement
Le centre de plongée SEA Scubapro
Le bateau de plongée de fabrication Francqueville
The boat
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