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Sites de plongée Tropicalsub Diving

  • Gros Morne

Sheltered in the bay of Deshaies, this site is formed by cathedral coral massifs, a rocky strip forming a small drop-off and large rocks forming holes. There is a rich and abundant fauna. Depth from 3 to 18 meters.


  • Tip Battery

Massif of coral forming an arc of a circle in relation to the coast, ending at its summit with a drop-off. Rich in coral fauna. Depth from 3 to 22 meters.


  • Pointe aux Fous

At the foot of the cliff stretches a strip of coral followed by a strip of sand ending in large masses of coral. Very rich in coral fauna. Depth from 3 to 16 meters.


  • Anse Thomas (Paul Thomas)

Large strips of coral terminated by large rock masses. Rock and pelagic fish. Depth from 10 to 25 meters.


  • Ilet Kawane

Located in the shelter of a cove, this site is a scree of rocks stretching over several hundred meters.


  • morphy

Huge masses of coral dotting the seabed ended offshore by a drop-off. Very rich in coral fauna and turtles.


  • Point Ferry

Band of coral advancing under the sea and forming a wall several meters high. Depth from 3 to 25 meters


  • The Stanior

Large coral mass extending parallel to the coast and forming a drop-off. Abundant fauna rich in pelagic fish. Depth of 20 to 30 meters.



  • trevally tip

Falling from the small islet down to 42 meters and where there is a great diversity of sponges and abundant fauna. Trevally, tuna, batfish are there. The bust of Commander Cousteau is nearby on a sandy bottom 12 meters away. 


  • Barracuda Point

Falling from the large islet down to 45 meters. There are barracudas and sea turtles.


  • The Hot Springs

Falling from the large islet down to 60 meters. There is abundant wildlife and hot springs that come from the volcano in different areas at 18, 23 and 36 meters.


  • The Japanese Garden

Large coral massif surrounded by faults, arches and small drop-offs. Depth 5 to 25 meters.


  • The Franjack

The Franjack is a wreck lying 24 meters deep on the sand. It is in good general condition with the exception of its collapsed cabin.

Tropicalsub Diving plongée réserve Cousteau
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