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  • Gros Morne

Located in the bay of Deshaies, this site is dominated by massive coral cathedral, a rock band showing a light falling and large rocks with interesting openings. We meet a rich and abundant wildlife there. Depths between  3 to 18 meters .


  • Tip Battery

Massive coral forming an arch relative like above and rounded off with a drop off. Rich coral fauna. Depths of 3 to 22 meters.


  • Pointe aux Fous

At the foot of the cliff this strip of colorful corals is followed up by a strip of sand and new massive corals. Very rich coral fauna. Depths between 3-16 meters.


  • Anse Thomas (Paul Thomas)

Wide strips of coral ended with large massive rock. Rockfish and pelagic species are typical here. Depths between 10 to 25 meters.


  • Ilet Kawane

Huge massive corals dotting the seabed seawards completed by a drop off. Very rich coral fauna and very often, turtles. 


  • morphy

Huge massive corals dotting the seabed seaward completed by a drop off. Very rich coral fauna and very often turtles.


  • Point Ferry

A band of corals which form a wall several meters high. Depths of 3 to 25 meters


  • The Stanior

Large massive coral running parallel to the coast and forming a drop off at the end. Abundant pelagic life. Depths of 20-30 meters.





  • Pointe Trevallies 

The small islet drops down to 42 meters where there is a great diversity of sponges and abundant wildlife. Kingfish, tuna, batfish are often there, just waiting for you. The bust of Jacques Cousteau is on the sandy bottom at 12 meters.


  • Barracuda Point

The larger islet drops to 45 meters. There we often meet barracudas and turtles. 


  • The Hot Springs 

This dive site goes down to 60 meters. There is abundant wildlife there and under water hot springs from the volcano in different depths of 18, 23 and 36 meters.


  • The Japanese Garden

Large coral reef surrounded by faults, arches and small drooping. Depths to 5-25 meters.

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